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Pay-What-You-Can Mask Kits


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Turns out, not just (healthcare) superheroes wear masks! It looks like these face coverings are going to be a part of everyday life going forward, at least for a while. Put a bin by the door for everyone in the family to grab one as they go out.

Each kit includes 4 hand-picked fat quarters (18" x 21") of premium quilting cotton, another yard of solid or semi-solid for the inside layer, and 10 yards of black 1/4" elastic OR 20 yards of twill tape (please note if you prefer twill). That's enough fabric to make at least 8 "Fu"/contour masks or 16 pleated-style masks. 

So how does it work? First, choose how much you can pay: At Cost, Retail, or Pay-it-Forward.
* AT COST is what we paid for the materials.  
* RETAIL IS...well, you know. Regular price. Thanks for keeping us in business!
* PAY-IT-FORWARD if you're one of the lucky ones with something to spare, consider this option. The extra $ 10 will be donated to Fareground, an amazing Beacon organization that has risen to the challenge of feeding our community during the Covid-19 crisis.

Then, choose a style: Pretty, Playful, Punny, or Plain. Make additional notes if you like--"mod," "blues," "I love chickens!"--and we'll do our best to delight you.

Update: Um, hey guys? When you buy more than one kit At Cost, we actually lose money. Please consider purchasing at least one of your kits at Retail to cover the shipping. Thank you!